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Driven by innovation, EAVX leverages the market-leading businesses within JB Poindexter & Co to collaborate with chassis manufacturers and technology suppliers in building fully integrated next-generation commercial vehicles.

Designing the future of sustainable commercial transportation

We collaborate with chassis partners and technology suppliers for the purpose of optimizing the design and manufacture of next-generation commercial vehicles. Our holistic approach to integration, deployment and serviceability empowers the world’s leading fleets to meet higher standards for sustainability and performance.

  • What sets EAVX apart is the tangible roadmap to be able to successfully execute on the lofty goals for next generation commercial vehicles. Our ability to tap into the resources of our fellow industry-leading JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO) Business Units and work with a wide range of technology partners and chassis manufacturers gives us the unique ability to create and manufacture the next generation of commercial vehicles.
  • EAVX aims to solve commercial fleet pain points by partnering with the most innovative technology and chassis manufacturers to bring a centralized solution to the customer. There is no limit to the creativity and collaboration of our EAVX team of engineers.

Forward-Thinking Framework

EAVX partners with electric and alternative fuel chassis producers to create holistic, next-generation vehicles.

  • Existing JBPCO customers and new customers looking to modernize their fleets will find a problem-solving partner in EAVX, regardless of their preferred chassis manufacturer.
  • EAVX’s team of engineers is skilled at adapting technology to suit any and all brands of chassis for commercial fleets. We are the partner you can trust to navigate the ever-changing commercial vehicle landscape.
Bollinger Motors
Atlis Motor Vechiles

Collaborators Welcome

Creating the commercial fleets of the future will be a team effort, drawing on the creativity and genius of a wide variety of technology and innovation partners. EAVX serves as the pivot point, providing the connective tissue for these collaborators to work together.

  • Our team of engineers is marked by a spirit of collaboration. We know that working together means we’ll help create something bigger and better than the sum of its parts.
  • EAVX is already working with leading chassis manufacturers and technology partners and we’re always vetting new ones.

Let’s Talk

Is your organization seeking to optimize next-generation commercial vehicles? We’re here to help design and manufacture them. We also welcome collaborations with chassis partners and technology suppliers.

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