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Proxima is a proof-of-concept walk-in van developed with the future in mind. Inspired by extensive fleet owner and driver feedback, it offers versatility from Class 2 to 5 and seamless integration with any chassis and power source (ICE, EV, Fuel Cell, Hybrid). Through design development and technology integration with VX Controls by EAVX and Morgan Olson’s proven expertise in production, the all-new Proxima stands as the embodiment of collaborative innovation from J.B. Poindexter and companies.


It’s time to think beyond the box. 

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Improved Aerodynamics

Improved Aerodynamics

Digital Infrastructure

Simplified Digital Infrastructure


Driver Ergonomics


Driver Visibility


Driver Safety


Enhanced Driver Display

Designed with efficiency and environmental sustainability in mind.

  • Thermal Management
  • Aerodynamics
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Electrical Wiring Efficiency
  • Ancillary Technology Optimization
  • Energy Saving Optimization


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