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EAVX is at the intersection of chassis, body, technology and design to create more sustainable, higher-performing solutions for next-generation commercial vehicles.

Engineering the Future of Sustainable Commercial Transportation

EAVX partners with the most advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers and technology providers to design, manufacture, distribute and service the world’s latest commercial vehicles. Our forward-thinking allows EAVX to be at the intersection of JBPCO’s leading businesses in commercial vehicles bodies, with cutting edge technology providers and chassis manufacturers.

EAVX isn’t content with the status quo. We make it our mission to understand the needs of fleet owners — not just what they’re facing now but what they will face in the future — and work to find solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. Sometimes that means leveraging an existing piece of technology and integrating it into the vehicle’s control system, and other times it means building a holistic solution, integrating design, chassis, body and technology.

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EAVX is the centralized hub where our team pioneers new solutions that allow our technology partners to focus on what they do best — create new pieces of technology. We work with a deep pool of technology talent, each with specialized solutions such as the technology to upfit commercial fleets with RFID tool finders, door automation, ergonomic cabs to increase driver efficiency and comfort, cameras for greater safety and much more.


The VX Control system by EAVX is the backbone behind next-generation integration and functionality. VX Control provides the internal digital infrastructure to configure, monitor and control the vehicle offering more flexibility in digital packages, more functionality, reduced wiring, improved user experience and cost saving potential. Download the VX Control brochure to learn more.

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Strategic Collaboration

EAVX is the centralized technology hub bringing the latest cutting-edge technology to our sister Business Units and integrating it to the vehicle for enhanced safety, performance and convenience. Being at the center of the integration allows our strategic collaborators to do what they do best – create chassis and technology. Our in-house design studio allows us to provide holistic end-to-end solutions to combine body, technology, and chassis. We are always looking to add to our ecosystem of strategic collaborators.



Innovation is the core of EAVX and why the company was started. Our team is full of creative problem solvers who see challenges as opportunities. Like us, our clients and partners want to speed the advent of safer, greener, more efficient commercial vehicles. Our prototyping capabilities enable EAVX to work with our market leading JBPCO sister businesses to develop advanced, next generation vehicles for the world’s largest fleets.

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Helping create the world we want to live in, one we’re proud for our children to inherit, is important to EAVX. We’re always looking for ways to maximize efficiency to be the best stewards of our environment. This includes developing more environmentally friendly commercial vehicles, adapting our manufacturing processes to leverage the latest in sustainable practices and much more.

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