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We have a best-in-class team and we’re always looking for more industry leaders to join us.

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Built on innovation, cutting-edge technology, and collaboration.

Our team of creative engineers, designers, and meticulous program managers set us apart. They leverage their unique strengths and work with our trusted partners to create new solutions that drive the commercial vehicle industry forward.

As a part of JB Poindexter & Co, a business enterprise that provides best-in-class commercial automotive and manufacturing goods and services, there are ample opportunities for advancement. The EAVX team works closely with other Business Units from Morgan Olson to Reading Truck, to solve problems and alleviate pain points for our clients.

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Eavx Engineers Are Designing Bodies For Ev Chassis That Maximize Weight Savings And Better Aerodynamics, Which Will Affect To The Range Of The Application And Thus The Cost Of The Batteries. However, The Greater Savings — And Engineering Challenge — Is To Combine Structural Elements Of The Chassis And The Body To Remove Duplication Of Parts. Photo Courtesy Of Jb Poindexter & Co.

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Is your organization seeking to optimize next-generation commercial vehicles? We’re here to help design and manufacture them. We also welcome collaborations with chassis partners and technology suppliers.

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